Vehicle Age Standards are Changing in Houston starting June 14, 2019

We noticed that you applied to drive with Lyft with a vehicle that will not meet Lyft’s maximum vehicle age standards for your region.

As of June 14, 2019 you will no longer be able to become approved on the Lyft platform with the vehicle you applied with.

After June 14, 2019 to get on the road with Lyft, you must add a different vehicle to your application that is 2015 model year or newer. However, if you finish your application and get approved before June 14, you can continue to drive with Lyft with your current vehicle beyond June 14.

Good news: Lyft’s Express Drive rental car program is available in Houston. If you don’t have a vehicle that meets the new standards, Lyft's Express Drive program helps you rent a car so you can start driving immediately. Find out more about the car rental program here.