QuickBooks Self-Employed x Lyft Sweepstakes: Meet the Winners

Last month, we partnered with QuickBooks Self-Employed to give away $3,000 each to two grand prize winners and $100 to a daily trivia winner every day, for two weeks. To enter, drivers answered this question, “How would you rather spend your gas money?” We received over 100,000 responses with answers ranging from taking vacations and buying new iPhones, to paying off debt and getting a new fridge. Get to know our grand prize winners and their stories below.


Grand prize winner

Roger is a real estate agent and started driving with Lyft in August. “Lyft riders are always great people to talk to,” says Roger. He plans to put his prize money toward his daughter’s college tuition. She’s pursuing a double major in biology and Spanish at Vanderbilt University and wants to become a doctor. “This grand prize money means so much to me,” Roger adds. “My two daughters are going to colleges where tuition is over $25,000. This money can help tremendously.”


Grand prize winner

David started driving with Lyft in order to diversify his income and have a flexible schedule. In his free time, he loves traveling and going on adventures with his wife. “We will use the grand prize money to travel out-of-state this spring to our niece's graduation in Arkansas,” he says. “It will also allow us the generosity to go out of our way to include my wife's 86-year-young grandma, who enjoys a good road trip.”

Congrats to all our winners! Didn’t get a chance to enter? Don’t worry, we’ll have more opportunities in the future. And if you’re interested in using QuickBooks Self-Employed to help with your deductions this tax season, check the Driver Dashboard to learn more about our discounts.

Lyft Does St. Patrick's Day

Lyft's community spirit was alive and well in more than 15 cities across the country, as we helped drivers fuel up before St. Patrick's Day — one of the highest-earning nights of the year.

Drivers in cities like Baltimore and Chicago were able to connect with Lyft team members to receive in-person support, as well get a chance to grab snacks, beverages, and even some St. Patrick's Day swag.

Check out the USA Today article highlighting our special Lucky Mode activation. Then below, take a look at some of our favorite photos of Lyft drivers getting into the holiday spirit.

Stay tuned for more ways you can connect with other drivers in your community. 

Driving Lyft Forward - Your 2018 DAC

In 2016, we announced the first-of-its-kind Driver Advisory Council. Now we’re continuing our tradition of engaging driver community leaders in cities across North America by announcing a new DAC.

Feedback from the Lyft community inspired us to choose a diverse group of drivers from different backgrounds who best represent our core values, from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh and Chicago to Austin.

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