QuickBooks Self-Employed x Lyft Sweepstakes: Meet the Winners

Last month, we partnered with QuickBooks Self-Employed to give away $3,000 each to two grand prize winners and $100 to a daily trivia winner every day, for two weeks. To enter, drivers answered this question, “How would you rather spend your gas money?” We received over 100,000 responses with answers ranging from taking vacations and buying new iPhones, to paying off debt and getting a new fridge. Get to know our grand prize winners and their stories below.


Grand prize winner

Roger is a real estate agent and started driving with Lyft in August. “Lyft riders are always great people to talk to,” says Roger. He plans to put his prize money toward his daughter’s college tuition. She’s pursuing a double major in biology and Spanish at Vanderbilt University and wants to become a doctor. “This grand prize money means so much to me,” Roger adds. “My two daughters are going to colleges where tuition is over $25,000. This money can help tremendously.”


Grand prize winner

David started driving with Lyft in order to diversify his income and have a flexible schedule. In his free time, he loves traveling and going on adventures with his wife. “We will use the grand prize money to travel out-of-state this spring to our niece's graduation in Arkansas,” he says. “It will also allow us the generosity to go out of our way to include my wife's 86-year-young grandma, who enjoys a good road trip.”

Congrats to all our winners! Didn’t get a chance to enter? Don’t worry, we’ll have more opportunities in the future. And if you’re interested in using QuickBooks Self-Employed to help with your deductions this tax season, check the Driver Dashboard to learn more about our discounts.

Meet Theory, the Philly Driver and US Army Vet With Big Dreams Who Gets a Visit From a Childhood Hero: Ashanti


Theory dreams of making it big as an R&B musician — and wants to win her first Grammy within five years. It’s a dream she’s had since childhood, but she took a detour after high school and enlisted the US Army. Soon after, Theory was deployed to Afghanistan, where she served as a combat photographer.

Music has been a refuge through some of the toughest times in Theory's life, like her tour in Afghanistan.

And so I just went to my commander and I was like, Imma be honest with you, outside of the Army, this is what I do and I showed her, like, my music videos … and when I left she basically was like the next time I see you, you better be famous.

Now Theory’s back in Philly, driving with Lyft, and pursuing her music career full steam ahead. She hit a speed bump recently, when the promise of a record deal fell through. To help her get back on track, we set up a surprise meeting with someone who could share savvy career advice and wisdom. And that someone was none other than Theory’s childhood hero: the triple-platinum, Grammy winning R&B artist, Ashanti.

In episode 5 of Pick Me Up, Theory shares her story. Follow along as Theory moves toward her dream of being a full-time R&B musician post-deployment.

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