Meet the Lyft Local Driver Advisory Council

The Local Driver Advisory Council program was designed as an expansion of the National Driver Advisory Council, both with the intention to bring the driver community’s voice to life at Lyft. As of April 2019, 46 cities and 188 council members have been added to the program, allowing your feedback, ideas, and creativity to be better heard and represented in the Lyft decision making process. Each city’s council hosts 2 - 6 members who are deeply passionate about how their city and Lyft intersect. These individuals not only review new product features, weigh in on programs and policies as they relate to drivers, but also serve as a resource for other local drivers - here to give you tips and tricks, driving advice, or simply an ear to listen.

Learn more about the 2019 Driver Advisory Council.


Share Your Feedback

Share ideas to improve Lyft's driver experience with your city’s Local Driver Advisory Council member by filling out the form linked below. Please note: we review every message, but cannot respond individually due to the volume of outreach we receive. Visit the Help Center for individual account issues.