Drew’s International Backpacking Trip, Funded and Planned with Lyft

Drew decided to ask his Lyft passengers about their favorite place in the world, and placed a notebook in his car for travel suggestions. He would use their advice to help him plan the adventure of a lifetime.  

We got the details on his trip, made possible with Lyft. (No, he won’t take us along in his suitcase. We asked.)

Inspired by his passengers, Drew states, “Give yourself permission to make your life an adventure.”

Inspired by his passengers, Drew states, “Give yourself permission to make your life an adventure.”

1. Tell us more about your big adventure.
On April 6, I hop on a flight with a 35-liter backpack and my “Yes-Man Nomad” mentality to travel around the world for three months. I'll be backpacking through Southeast Asia for two months, flying to Europe, then heading to NYC to meet up with some friends. After that, I’m going to improvise my way back to San Francisco. Actually, most of this trip will be improvised.

2. You recently graduated from college. What are your career aspirations?
I was incredibly indecisive. I was referred to Lyft by a good friend, and started driving with the intention of using the platform as a research tool to help narrow my job search focus. I began working commuter hours every day, bringing people to and from work. I asked them questions like, “What did you study in college? What did your first postgraduate position entail? What would you have done differently? What are your biggest regrets?”

3. What ultimately inspired you to plan this trip?
I've given over 4,000 rides to people of all walks of life, from every culture and industry, yet there was an overwhelming consensus on every person's biggest regret: They had started working right after college. They wished they had taken advantage of that transitional period to embark on an adventure.

The notebook Drew kept in his car boasts invaluable travel advice.

The notebook Drew kept in his car boasts invaluable travel advice.

4. How has driving with Lyft helped you fund this trip?
It provided me with a way to make great money, continue living in San Francisco, pay my bills, and save $10,000 for this adventure. Driving with Lyft is one of the only ways to facilitate this kind of lifestyle for fresh grads who want to take a gap year and travel. 

5. What are you most excited for?
I'm beyond excited to get out of western culture for a bit. I'm incredibly humbled to have grown up with the infrastructure we have here, but I'm so burnt out on hearing people complain about first world problems. There's a huge sense of entitlement that puts a bad taste in my mouth, and I want to experience cultures where people are grateful to have food, water, and shelter. I want to see the sun rise and set in a place I've never been, to look at the stars at night from a side of the planet I've never seen, to submerge myself in different ways of life, and most importantly, to learn and grow as much as I can.

Follow Drew’s adventure through his blog at yesmannomad.com. You can also watch the journey unfold on Instagram at YesMan.Nomad. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or a big adventure, we’d love to hear about what driving with Lyft has helped you do. Send us an email at stories@lyft.com.

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