Redefining the #LyftCreatives Lifestyle

Interested in joining the #LyftCreatives movement, but not sure how you feel about dressing up in head-to-toe pirate garb? Being a creative driver doesn’t have to mean being the loudest or glitteriest ride on the block. Our #LyftCreatives program represents drivers who create unique experiences for their passengers through a wide array of inventive ideas and actions.

Here are some tips on incorporating the creative “lyftstyle” into your driving experience:

MAKE a Name For Yourself. Go ahead, give yourself a snappy moniker that represents you and your ride! Stickler for spelling and punctuation? Consider taking on The Grammar Lyft. Mad about the color blue? Perhaps you’re the next Azure Lyft. Whether you’re a rock climber, tap dancer, or cat lady, there’s a handle out there to reflect what you adore.

cookiewars@CookieWarsLyft gives an uplyfting ride — and his signature sweets — to SF riders Taylor and Elaine.

Show off your style to the world with a Twitter or Instagram account, or even a dedicated blog, so riders can connect with you long after they’ve reached their destination.

MAKE An Impression. Send off your passengers with a little something to remember you by. Choose useful items that are likely to be kept around, like a pack of gum or book of matches featuring your name and personal referral code. These tiny tokens mean your #LyftCreatives theme can make an appearance even when you’re not physically around to shine your light.

photo 1Glittery handmade matchbooks feature @HarryPotterLyft’s spell for creating light. Lumos!

MAKE it fun. This is the bread and butter for a #LyftCreative: giving passengers a chance to get a little wacky.

Keep themed props around for impromptu in-car photo shoots, and never underestimate the power of a ridiculous hat to turn around a bad day. Holiday themed décor is always a big hit, too.

Just remember: Not everyone is down to don a pink adhesive mustache, so make sure fun props aren’t in the way, and make a plan to keep your ride uncluttered to accommodate your more serene riders. No one wants to fight for seat space with a feather boa and a bowler hat.

MAKE a difference. Be ready to change the course of someone’s day, be it a passenger, another driver, or even a stranger. Consider keeping jumper cables and a first aid kit in your vehicle, and be the first person to offer when help is needed. A mini sewing kit could save the day for a passenger who lost a shirt button on his way to a big interview.

Opportunities to be gracious are everywhere, giving you opportunities to change the way your community interacts with its members.

MAKE a Sensation. Lyft drivers are well known for engaging riders’ sense of sound by letting them play DJ during the ride, and that pink mustache on your grill will fire up their sense of sight the moment they spot you coming! Engage a passenger’s sense of taste by offering up a sucker or stick of gum, or go all out and offer a sample of the cookies you baked the night before. Keep a cuddle stash on your dash to encourage tactile joy.

photo 2

Want to really kick it up a notch? Offer a variety of fun scents for your passengers to chose from, and enjoy a themed aroma while you cruise the streets.

MAKE a Connection. Be honest and forthcoming about things you’re passionate about. Your infectious enthusiasm will encourage your passengers to voice what they love as well.  Even if one of you is crazy about turtles, and the other is nuts about yoga, you’ll find mutual joy when you’re both amped about your “thing”.  Shared interests make for easy conversation, but even if you’re polar opposites, finding common ground is easy if you’re both expressing something that’s super important in your world.


And perhaps most importantly, MAKE Time. Lyft drivers are great at engaging with their passengers, but don’t forget to champion the spirit of our movement outside the car, too. Stop and say hello to fellow drivers in the wild, and take a moment to learn about their own passions.

That beautiful pink mustache on the front of your vehicle will always illicit attention, so why not engage with some curious onlookers?  Take the time to engage, and watch the world around you get better every time.