Introducing Auto Navigation, Your Golden Ticket to Fewer Taps

You’re laser-focused on giving memorable rides — we get that. Every time you have to tap your phone screen, that’s one more interruption to your groove. So, we’re automating as many taps as possible, starting with navigation. Here’s how it works.

Now, instead of using the navigation arrow every time you’re ready for directions, the Lyft app will take care of that for you.

Once you’ve accepted a ride request, we’ll give you a 3-second countdown then automatically switch to your preferred navigation app. Ta-da!

Here’s how to set your preferences.

You still hold the power to change your preferred navigation app, or turn off this feature altogether. Just tap the Lyft logo in the upper lefthand corner of your screen, select your profile, and choose ‘Navigation.’

You’ll quickly find that our new auto navigation leaves you with extra free time — time you’d normally spend tapping to navigate. We recommend using it to explore new dance moves with passengers, learn sign language, and (of course) give fist bumps.