Lyft Line Evolves: Rides Can Now Have More Than 2 Pickups

Notice something different? Lyft Line rides now have up to four pickups. We’re bringing you longer rides, making the most of that valuable time spent behind the wheel.

  • Earn more. You’re paid for every minute and mile that you have a passenger in the car. With up to four pickups, that’s less unpaid downtime.

  • Enjoy smarter matching. We’ll stop adding pickups if the ride is going to take longer than an hour, and we’ve updated the passenger matching system so detours won’t take too long.

  • Follow the route. As usual, the app will guide you. You can always see a step-by-step summary of the ride by clicking the arrow in the lower lefthand corner of your screen.

Want a refresher on how Line works? We break it down in the Help Center. Here’s to keeping your seats full, earnings high, and community growing.