Now Showing: Your 2014 Tax Info [UPDATE]

Update: Your detailed breakdown is ready. Net earnings and Lyft's total commission have been added to the 'Yearly Stats' tab. 

Ready for tax season? You can now see your 2014 totals in the 'Yearly Stats' tab of the driver portal, including:

  • An annual summary of things like your ride count, gross earnings, and mileage. 

  • A 1099-K form if you gave at least 200 rides and generated at least $20,000 in gross ride receipts.

  • A 1099-MISC form if you took home at least $600 in non-ride related earnings, like bonuses. 

Head to the Help Center for more info on tax eligibility, and take advantage of our partnership with Intuit for tools to help you file. For any other tax advice, we recommend reaching out to a tax professional.