Lyft in the Headlines: Why You'll See Sky-High Demand This Halloween

What a month. We've launched at cities and airports, created partnerships, introduced new modes — and caught the attention of major media outlets worldwide. Here's what they're saying about you this month, and it's going to bring you more passengers Halloween weekend.

This. Is. Halloween.

Today, we announced the zombie apocalypse that we're unleashing this weekend. When you're not competing for a $1,000 gas card, requesting a zombie delivery, or checking out our partnership with Skybound’s The Walking Dead, read up on the coverage you've gotten so far. 

Hello, Nevada!

Hot off the tails of our September launch in Las Vegas, we expanded into Reno, and were the first ridesharing service allowed to operate at Vegas' McCarran Airport

Offering Shared Rides (and Time Travel)

The Boston Herald covered our big launch of Lyft Line in Boston. As Chief Marketing Officer Kira Wampler said, “I’ve heard a lot of people say they’re here to change the world. But this genuinely is about making a difference.”

To celebrate October 21, 2015 (also known "Back to the Future Day,"), we offered DeLoreans on-demand in New York City. See what ABC had to say about McFly Mode

Bringing You More Perks Through Partnerships

In case you missed it, we were the official ridesharing sponsor for Fleet Week. The SF Examiner profiled the Lyft-created "Fleet Fest," a festival with live music and food trucks, along with the special events we hosted for veteran drivers, and rides in decorated vehicles for high-ranking officials.

Our long-term partnerships are keeping Lyft drivers in the headlines, too. Joan Lundun gave a shout-out to Ford Warriors in Pink, our partner in providing free rides to breast cancer patients headed to treatment. And nearly every major news outlet covered our huge driver event in early October, where we announced partnerships with Shell, Hertz, and Stripe to provide perks for drivers. 

There's more where that came from. We just finished a major marketing push on the nationwide music festival circuit, and at New York Fashion Week with Nylon Magazine. Up next: Conference season. Our Lyft for Work crew is one step ahead, locking down a partnership with Concur that enables business travelers to expense their rides directly in the app.

This Month's Celebrity Drivers

We're inspired by the delight you deliver to every passenger — and that's not all you do. The nation has watched you go on epic road trips, debut an album, and much more. 

Who's Who at HQ

A few people here at HQ deserve credit for getting you into the headlines. Cofounder Logan told the Lyft origin story to Technology Review, and CMO Kira Wampler has spent the last year building out our Marketing team, leading to national partnerships with organizations like Starbucks. One of those members of our Marketing team? Paige Thelen, who was just named one of the best in PR by Business Insider.

Director of Transportation Emily Castor also recently spoke with PandoDaily (and GloSho15) about how we're complimenting public transportation, not replacing it, and New York City Market Manager Seth was named one of Silicon Alley's Top 100 — it's New York's version of Silicon Valley.

Remember, each mention of our name in the headlines is an opportunity to introduce new passengers to Lyft. Stay tuned! There's more to come in November.