Driving at the Airport in Vegas or D.C.? Wait for Ride Requests in the Lot

We’re helping reduce traffic congestion at airports nationwide, including McCarran airport in Vegas, and Dulles and Reagan in D.C. To stand by this commitment, we’re launching a new way of matching drivers and passengers on airport property: queueing.

What's queueing?
Starting today, you’ll receive ride requests on airport property in Vegas and D.C. only if you’re in the designated staging lot. It’s first in, first out: Your place in line will be determined by the order in which you enter the lot, instead of your proximity to the passenger. 

How do I keep my spot in line?
If you log out, leave the lot, or don’t accept a ride, you’ll lose your spot so we can be fair to all drivers. Your exact location in the lot doesn’t affect your position in the queue — just be mindful to stay in driver mode while you’re there. 

Why the change?
Queueing keeps roads clear, reserving them only for cars that are actively picking up or dropping off passengers. With all available drivers waiting in the lot, we’ll help get rid of any congestion caused by drivers getting ride requests while circling airport property. 

Thanks for helping reduce traffic at the airport, and on roads nationwide. For more details, head to the Help Center.