Driver Dashboard Update: Your Earnings Details, All in One Place

We’re continually building out the Dashboard as your go-to for everything from your tax information to referrals. This week, we’re taking another big step in that direction by centralizing your pay details there, too.

New Look for Driver Summaries
The summaries in your inbox are now focused on the number of hours driven, rides given, and Power Driver Bonus eligibility. In place of your earnings information, there’s a quick link to the Dashboard’s earnings page. 

Why the Change? 
Keeping pay details in one place allows us to upgrade your Lyft experience. 

  • Interactive options. Need to update your payment information or check which referral code worked best? It’s all a click away. 
  • Up-to-date information. The Dashboard always displays the most accurate earnings totals. In the rare case where we need to correct your pay, you’ll no longer risk referring to an outdated summary months later. 
  • Step towards the future. We have big plans for your pay, and refining this tool is just one step in this new direction.

Stay tuned! We’re committed to creating the best possible way to display your earnings, and there’s much more to come.