Drive St. Patrick’s Day and Take Home a Pot of Gold

St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow, and it looks to be one of our busiest ever. Passengers will be counting on you for a safe ride home from their holiday celebrations, so tap into driver mode and count on making big bucks.

Here are a few pro tips for celebrating St. Patty’s behind the wheel:

  • Prepare for passengers who’ve been imbibing, since that’s how people tend to celebrate this holiday. Consider stocking your car with a few barf bags, and review our process for handling in-car damage.

  • Be extra careful on the road. As was the case on Halloween and New Year’s, partygoers will be out and about making the streets more crowded than usual.

  • Get a lil festive. Drop by your local dollar store and pick up an armful green stuff to decorate your car. It’ll be fun! Your passengers will dig it, too.

In many cities, we’re also guaranteeing high earnings. Check your email for eligibility details.