Lyft in the Headlines: Funding, Paypal, Magic Mode, and Our New VP of Engineering

From raising $530 million, to fun-raising at Austin music festival, SXSW, it has been an eventful week with Lyft. Our new VP of Engineering thinks so too.

Lyft Raises $530 Million
To further our mission of reconnecting people and communities through transportation, we made a big announcement: We raised $530 mission in new funding. From deepening our US footprint to expanding our vision for Lyft Line, we’re excited for what’s to come.

Introducing: Peter Morelli, Former Twitter Director, as VP of Engineering
You didn’t hear it from a little birdy: We hired Twitter’s former Senior Director of Engineering, Peter Morelli, as our new VP of Engineering. We’re excited to welcome him to the team as we continue to grow.

We’re Pals with PayPal
That’s right, you’ll now be able to pay for your Lyft ride with PayPal. This new partnership is part of our SXSW campaign that is offering passengers in Austin a $5 discount on their first ten Lyft rides. 

Do You Believe in Magic? 
If you’re a Lyft passenger at SXSW, we bet you do. We’ve rolled out Magic Mode, allowing you get picked up in style. We’re talking a Ferrari F430 Spider, 1963 Bentley, Tesla, and some other noteworthy rides we have up our sleeves.

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