Lyft in the Headlines

Word is spreading about everything we’ve been up to lately. Here’s what major news outlets are saying about you this week, from our official ridesharing partnership at SXSW to San Francisco passengers’ favorite hot spots.

Thrillist Turns to Lyft Pax

Well, if you’re in San Francisco, chances are you’re going to Zeitgeist or Tacolicious. Thrillist compiled the most popular bars and restaurants, according to Lyft drop-offs. Thanks for the recommendations!

Lyft Makes an Impact at SXSW

At the apex of SXSW, Lyft co-founder and CEO Logan Green presented the keynote. He summed up what Lyft, SXSW’s official ridesharing partner, is all about. Medium covered his main points:

Our early success with Lyft Line is, we believe, a crystal ball view at the future. We can take cars off the roads and make our cities more livable. To us, this is not just a business. It’s a mission.

Fox Business also presented a thorough look at Logan’s keynote. They touched on why car ownership could be unnecessary, and the bright future of Lyft. CNET has a great recap, too.

On the SX tech beat, Macworld featured a spot on what sets Lyft apart from the competition, why friendliness and carpooling are watchwords for future growth, and how CEO Logan made $20 on his way to work as a driver.

Our CEO wasn’t the only Lyft exec at SXSW. CMO Kira Wampler also spoke about how to use video advertising to deeply reach and acquire new users. Check out her video on VentureBeat.

NYTimes Features SXSW Driver

An aspiring rapper and Los Angeles driver, Kervens Joseph paid for his SXSW trip by driving with Lyft while visiting Austin — and caught the attention of the New York Times. After playing free shows as his alter ego, Acafool, he funded the trip by getting behind the wheel.

Considering doing the same? Remember to drop us a line if you’re thinking about the nomadic driver lifestyle. Let us know where you’re heading — permanently or temporarily — and we’ll do our best to help you out.

NYC’s Seth Talks Tech

Our own Seth Melnick presented at the New York Tech Meetup, jamming about the evolution of our brand, driver destination, Lyft for Work, and more. Find a recap of his comments over at AlleyCat.

Portland on the Horizon?

Ridesharing in Portland has long been cause for debate, but as the city’s alt-weekly reports, local officials are now talking over a plan to allow Lyft a trial run there this year. Cautiously optimistic, we’re ready to pack our umbrellas and head to the City of Roses. Stay tuned for news on their upcoming vote.

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