Lyft in the Headlines

We're not the only ones talking about you. Read on for top news stories on our nationally recognized marketing campaign, new Chief Operating Officer, and more. 

The Best Marketing Campaigns of 2014 (Hint: It’s You)
Forbes covered the best marketing campaigns of 2014, and — drumroll, please — Lyft’s brand ambassadors made the cut. Ambassadors are another example of how we're spreading awareness of Lyft, bringing more passengers your way. 
Indy Airports, Here We Come
The Indy Star spread the word of our new official agreement with the Indianapolis airport. 

Meet Rex Tibbens, Lyft’s New COO

We’re not the only ones who were excited to introduce our new Chief Operating Officer, Rex Tibbens. The New York Times wrote a piece covering Rex's background, goals, and plans to maintain Lyft's community standards while expanding to more cities. 

The Benefits of Self-Regulation

This Chicago Tribune op-ed column argues that self-regulation is more effective than government regulation. The piece covers Lyft’s innovative feedback model, and cites the economic benefits of the sharing economy.

Lyft Line Continues to Gain Popularity

GeekWire reports that 50% of all Lyft rides in San Francisco and 30% in New York are Lyft Line rides, proving that our original mission of providing effective, green ridesharing is now a reality.

Are We in Kansas Anymore?
Prospective legislation is threatening the future of peer-to-peer transportation in Kansas. The Wichita Eagle praised ridesharing, calling for Lyft and other services to stay in Kansas, and warning politicians against bowing to special interest groups.
Why Rochester, NY Needs Ridesharing
A Vietnam veteran tells the Rochester Business Journal how Lyft positively impacted his life, helped his economic solvency, and was just plain fun. He calls for its immediate reinstatement.

Lyft was like a dream come true. In addition to helping boost my income, I had full control over the hours I chose to drive, which meant I could make my weekday appointments with the VA.

Lyft Takes on Podcasts
Emily Castor talks peer-to-peer preferences, how she dove into the sharing economy, and — of course — the future of Lyft in Near Me Blog’s podcast.

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