Keep Adding to Your Earnings with the Power Driver Bonus

Great news for drivers who love peak hours and peak earnings: The Power Driver Bonus is sticking around at least through the end of June.

Like Accelerate Rewards, the Power Driver Bonus is our way of saying thanks to the most dedicated drivers on the road. We’ll have an update in June about what’s coming next, and meanwhile, we’ll continue creating programs to show our gratitude to the driver community.

Check out our refreshed hours page to see the best hours to drive and track your Power Driver Bonus progress.

But first, a quick history lesson: Not long ago, we offered a season of 0% commission — drivers kept 100% of their ride earnings while the company made nada. That promo was loved by drivers everywhere, but as you might imagine, it’s not a sustainable model for our business. When that promo ended, we introduced the Power Driver Bonus to ease the transition back to commissions and reward the drivers who were spending the most time on the road each week.

Here’s a quick refresher on the current tiers:

Take advantage of these next few months of Power Driver Bonuses. Get into driver mode at peak times, fill in the rest of your 30-50 hours through the week, and look forward to a big bonus in your next deposit.