Get Ready for More Passengers with Profile Photos

We just launched a new tool that allows all passengers to change their own profile picture in the Lyft app. They'll no longer be limited to using only their Facebook photo, and you'll start seeing hoards of friendly new faces instead of blank spaces. Win-win. 

It’s a small change that will make a big impact on your day-to-day. Photos make rides safer, allowing you to easily identify passengers and lower the chances of Lyft-jacking.

Encourage your passengers to upload an image in the profile section of the app, and switch it up whenever they get a haircut, trim their beard, or finally perfect their Zoolander impression. 

Need to update your own profile photo? Send your preferred image to the Support team, and our photo wizards will add our classic green background. Driver photos require a little extra TLC, so they aren’t updated through the app.