How Big is Your Lyft Line Party?

Through the magic of our app, every Lyft Line ride is carefully mapped to make the route most efficient for drivers. To keep things running smoothly, we'll soon start prompting you to confirm whether there are one or two — or more — passengers at each pickup.

Heed the Seatbelt Rule

As with all rides, you should never drive more people than you have seatbelts in your car. That’s why Lyft Line pairs passengers based on the number of people in their party. Sometimes, though, the number a passenger has entered is incorrect.

If the requestor says she’ll be riding alone, but actually has a friend or two in tow, there might not be enough spots for the next pickup. That’s unfair to everyone. 

Follow the Prompts

You’ll now be able to mark the actual party size, then follow the in-app directions (as always). If the number of passengers exceeds what the requestor entered, the app might instruct you to skip that pickup. You’ll need to politely ask that party to request another Lyft ride.

No Penalty for Playing It Safe

Just as important as party size: your good standing with Lyft. Skipping a party (when prompted to) will never affect your acceptance rate or driver rating. Thanks for making sure everyone’s following the rules!