CMA Heats Up Nashville: Get Our Top 5 Festival Driving Tips

In Nashville this weekend with your Lyft-approved vehicle? You're in luck. The CMA Music Fest will draw crowds of around 80,000 country-music fans, and we’re offering Guaranteed Prime Time for giving them rides.

Tips for Driving at Festivals

As this and other hugely-attended events approach, we ask: How do you maximize your Lyft time and avoid the headaches of big festivals?

  1. Know the rules of the venue. To avoid getting a ticket, make sure you study the festival map and identify safe pickup and drop-off points. Never pull over in an intersection, crosswalk, or a no parking zone — you must use a loading zone or legal parking spot.
  2. Be prepared. Check out the showtimes and zip into driver mode an hour before the first show. For the CMA festival, some days have shows beginning at 10 a.m. and going all the way until midnight!
  3. Know your audience. Even if you aren’t a country music fan, the people you’re transporting will be. Brush up on some favorites or have a setlist ready to flip on when they enter your car. Try to season it with headliners they might be seeing. At CMA, that could be Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, or many more.
  4. Make the ride memorable. People will be in a great mood and ready to party. How can you feed their excitement? Keep some themed props in your car (bandanas or cowboy hats for CMA) and remind them to take photos. Tweet @lyft or #lyft on Instagram to share the best ones!