Introducing Local General Managers in Major Cities

Lyft loves locals. We’re delighted to share that we’re bringing on General Managers in some of our biggest cities, creating a powerful presence in regions nationwide.

It’s another way of returning to our roots. In the early days of Lyft, HQers ran offices on the ground before, during, and after launching a new city. Now, we’re commanding that local presence in a more permanent way.

What’s a General Manager?

General Managers, or GMs, will combine their professional experience with a deep understanding of the city to make Lyft even busier and more lucrative for you. Here’s a quick overview of a GM’s typical to-do list.

  • Build strategic relationships to support local drivers, passengers, local businesses, and regulators.

  • Help drive passenger demand, and work with HQ on local partnerships.

  • Know every aspect of the city even better than local drivers do (yep, they’re up for the challenge — and excited to learn from you).

They’re also bringing a whole new meaning to local support. With GMs on the ground, the Lyft experience will be reaching new heights.

Meet Todd, Lyft Seattle’s GM

Lyft Seattle is our first city to get a General Manager. Todd is a double threat: He has a background in both technology and transportation, and his transit experience is specifically in downtown Seattle.

After working for several technology companies (including Microsoft), Todd was inspired to alter his career path while standing at a school bus stop with his son and wondering how he could improve its system.

To help diagnose the problem, he took a job as a school bus driver and later as the distict’s Director of Transportation. Todd was the driving force behind new technology-based tools that increased the system’s efficiency. As a resident of downtown Seattle, he was able to both witness and reap the benefits.

“I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to lead Lyft’s efforts in Seattle, and improve the community that I love,” he told The Hub.

Help Build Our Team

We can’t wait to introduce you to more people like Todd. Major cities like Seattle are travel hubs, so the folks passing through will be coming back to your town — or know people there. GMs will increase awareness of Lyft nationwide. 

Know someone we should hire? We’re looking for candidates with at least seven years’ experience in scaling an organization and managing people, along with a laundry list of other qualifications. See the full job description at