Use Waze or Google Maps for Navigation

Smooth navigating is one of the key ingredients of a 5-star ride. That’s why we strongly recommend using Waze or Google Maps: Each uses real-time traffic information, ensuring you’re always taking the best route. 

When you’re ready to roll, the Lyft app automatically switches to a navigation app — and you’re able to choose whether it lands on Waze, Google Maps, or Apple Maps (if you’re on an iPhone). Here’s how to set your preferred choice. 

Switching Your Navigation Settings

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ tab in the Lyft app. 
  2. Select ‘Navigation.’
  3. Tap Waze or Google Maps. 

While you’re there, toggle ‘Auto Navigation’ on to allow your phone to automatically switch between your Lyft and navigation app. You’ll benefit from quick navigating, and your passengers will enjoy a faster ride.