Now Testing in New York: Rides Can Cost Up to $500

Most Lyft rides are pretty short. While your trips will typically last less than 30 minutes, long rides are possible, especially now that we’ve increased the maximum value to $500. Here’s how those lengthy trips work.

Maximum = Time + Distance

That $500 maximum applies to the ride’s time and distance only. Additions like Prime Time, tips, and tolls can push a ride cost over $500.

End the Ride

Even though extras (like Prime Time) can push a ride’s total over $500, the app will stop calculating your earnings once the ride’s time and distance reaches $500. It’s best to end the ride before the maximum. Chat it out with your passenger to determine an earlier drop-off location.

Introducing the Lyft Review Panel

Why does Lyft put a limit on the cost of each ride? Long trips can be a red flag for suspicious activity. Our team at HQ will now start regularly reviews long rides, and we may delay payment while investigating a ride that looks unusual. This is rare, but if it happens, we’ll let you know.

Suspicious? Speak Up

Other warning signs include:

  • Requests for multiple stops (aside from typical errands).

  • Long trips with no clear end destination.

  • Questions like “How long do I have you for?”

Use your best judgment. If something seems fishy, leave comments on the passenger’s rating screen. Remember, if you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable, you have our full support should you choose to end the ride early.