Updating Your Documents is Easier than Ever

In case you missed it last month, you can now upload your own insurance directly through the Lyft app. We’re excited to announce a new expansion to that feature: Applicants and approved drivers in Washington, DC can now upload more documents in-app.

We mean everything:

  • Vehicle inspection forms
  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • And more!

What This Means for You

This new capability will put your driver referrals on a fast track towards approval, empowering them to complete their application independently from the Help Center. 

For existing drivers, the feature makes it easy to stay compliant with your local regulations. If officials ask to see proof of your registration, for example, you can now quickly snap a photo with your phone and immediately upload it to the Lyft app.

How to Use It

To access your documents, navigate to the ‘Settings’ screen of the Lyft app, then tap ‘Car’ to view or update your information. Once you upload a new document, no news is good news — we’ll reach out if we need anything else.