Lyft in the Headlines, Featuring Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

All eyes were on Lyft this week. Major news outlets went wild over Lyft Nation, our new app, and the announcement of our years-long collaboration with Starbucks (including a mic-dropping quote from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz).

“Lyft is the company for us.”

The newest addition to the Lyft community? Starbucks. The New York Times announced our collaboration, including direct quotes from both companies’ execs explaining why our values work so well together. 

In addition to your perks (like extra Starbucks Gold points), Starbucks baristas are getting hooked up with rides through Lyft for Work, as USA Today reported. The news spread to the Wall Street Journal and dozens of other outlets worldwide.

The best part: This all started with drivers delivering free Starbucks iced coffee last month. By making a great impression on Starbucks with that first collaboration, you helped make this larger pairing possible.

You Asked, We Delivered: Lyft Nation Rewards Frequent Riders

Our new community program for loyal passengers, Lyft Nation, caught Fortune and Business Insider’s attention this month. Surprising frequent users with exclusive perks is another way that we’re saying thanks — and keeping the ride requests coming.

Unleashing the New App

The Next Web broke the news of our app rewrite. The change will be mostly invisible to you for now, but it unlocks endless opportunities for new features like Driver Stats. As reported on The Hub, Apple users will need to have iOS 8 in order to enjoy our updated tools.

Making Lyft Official at New Airports

We’re continuously working on new partnerships with airports nationwide, bringing you peace of mind and more (high-earning) airport rides. Dallas and Cincinnati are the latest airports to sign official agreements allowing Lyft rides to and from flights. Los Angeles is next in line — the official rules for LAX rides are currently being finalized.

Zimmer Gets a Spot on CNBC, and More

NY Magazine explored how our focus on ridesharing makes Lyft different, and John Zimmer himself chatted about our fast growth on CNBC and the future of car ownership in Mashable. The designer of the Glowstache got a shout-out in 7x7, and AdWeek heralded us for using Twitter’s brand-new video advertising feature.

In more frivolous news,1 Time and TimeOut NY covered our promos on National Ice Cream Day. A number of major publications highlighted our brand’s unique flavor, too, including Tech.Co, the Washington Post, and Business Insider.


Or maybe not-so-frivolous. As we saw this week with Starbucks, you never where these sweet little delivery partnerships might lead.

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