Standing Together: Community Update From John

Thanks to all the drivers who have reached out the last few weeks with ideas on how we can work together while the competition lowers prices. Along with the feedback, there is a collective desire for the Lyft community to succeed. And to continue our transparency with you, I want to directly answer common questions and provide some quick action steps.

Does Lyft need to lower prices when the competition does?

Previously, we tried preserving prices in this situation, but saw a negative impact on ridership. This leads to fewer rides and creates a bad situation for both the driver community and company long-term. Even with better service, passengers first choose the more affordable option. When price is similar, more and more are choosing Lyft because of you.

What can Lyft do for the community to help continue improving this dynamic?

We recently invited drivers from across the country to sit down together and brainstorm solutions. On our end, we’ll continue to fund Power Driver Bonuses and enable tips on the platform. Combined, these two programs give you the opportunity to earn 25% more than with the competition — and with Express Pay, you can access that money immediately. In the last week alone, Lyft paid out $1,000,000 in Power Driver Bonuses. Together, these exclusive programs have now led to $100,000,000 in additional driver earnings.

Additionally, we’ve already implemented the following ideas that came directly from your fellow drivers, credited below:

  1. Double bonuses for passenger referrals ($20) in cities with recent pricing adjustments. Ultimately, the Lyft community gains more control over pricing by increasing the number of people who use Lyft. For the next month, we have increased your bonus to $20 for each new passenger referral. Learn how to refer. — Sharlett, San Francisco Lyft Driver
  2. Monthly HQ-sponsored driver meetups. The bonds you create with each other strengthen our community, too. Lyft’s General Managers are working with local drivers on a calendar of community events, funded by Lyft. — Sergio, San Diego Lyft Driver
  3. Lifting the cap on Prime Time. We will no longer cap the percentage, except in emergencies. — Angel, San Francisco Lyft Driver
  4. In New York City, free car wash for drivers. This week we’re also saving you this expense, as an added bonus. Watch for a text later today.
  5. Sharing our mission with passengers. My co-founder Logan and I sent an email to passengers last week sharing our ethos about great service and taking care of the driver community. Here’s the full email, with some highlights of passenger responses below.  — Ariana, Detroit Lyft Driver

We will continue to listen and work together with you to make sure Lyft is the best platform for you and the passenger community. 

John Zimmer
Co-Founder, Lyft