Lyft in the Headlines: Growth Stats, #PrankMode, New Execs, and More

The world heard our mission loud and clear in the headlines last month, starting with a groundbreaking article from Fast Company on our vision for changing transportation (“Lyft to Uber: The Race Is On”). Head there for a hefty dose of inspiration from John and Logan, Lyft co-founders and pioneers of the rideshare movement, and then read on to learn what else we’ve been up to.

Staying Weird and Awesome

An important part of Lyft’s mission is making people smile. HQ and drivers like you earned a special mention alongside Disney and Virgin (whoa) for designing delightful everyday experiences, and Brent in DC was featured in Forbes with his tuba as the celebrity driver du jour.

One incredible afternoon last Friday, that signature delight took a turn for the unexpected with pranks featuring bacon, caged chickens, and real drivers with a sharp sense of April Fools’ humor. Watch what happened when Andre Iguodala took #PrankMode for a test-drive and trolled his fellow Golden State Warriors teammate.

The guy behind those pranks is Ethan Eyler, who also made waves bringing #WeirdMode to last month’s SXSW crowds — and may soon be reunited with Kevin Hart, according to Variety’s speculation on our next stunt. He stepped out from behind the camera to talk with The Verge on his unique role at the company.

Growing Rides, Growing Teams

Today’s top story focused on expanding Lyft Line’s reach, and how we’ll soon be connecting more than 25% of Americans with launches in six new cities. From buzzworthy stunts to valuable partnerships — like points on Southwest Airlines for travelers who take Lyft — we’re building incredible momentum keeping our spot as the nation’s fastest-growing rideshare company.

We shared some stats on growing demand in NYC by 500%, tripling ride volume at Chicago airports (and launching many new ones, including SeaTac), and quadrupling demand for Lyft at SXSW.

Our VP of People shared the strategy on scaling HQ from 80 to 800 staffers in the last two years to keep things running smoothly, including faster support for drivers (stay tuned for more news on that front soon). His latest recruits: a pair of top-brass executives, including Ran Makavy, who has some impressive experience growing a little community called Facebook — and a vested interest in welcoming Lyft’s next big wave of passengers.

Welcome to the tribe, Henrique and Ran.

Welcome to the tribe, Henrique and Ran.

CNBC covered this dizzying momentum in a TV interview with John, who spoke about the major opportunity still up for grabs, and why Lyft is in the best position to take it.

Powered by Drivers

Even as we continue to grow, we consider drivers our most important stakeholders. Your feedback and ideas have powered many big announcements, from Express Drive to serve up affordable rentals (as low as $0!) to our big integration with Waze to help improve your navigation and potential for tips.

Thanks to everyone who’s joining us for the ride, from power drivers to the people sharing seats on the morning commute with our new carpool feature. More to come!