Your Official CMA Fest Guide

With Lyft serving as CMA Fest’s official rideshare partner, drivers like you get the VIP treatment: pickup and drop-off zones, Guaranteed Prime Time, a major Chevy partnership bringing you more rides, and much more. Here’s how to make the most of it. 

Use the Official Pickup and Drop-Off Zones

CMA Fest is Nashville’s biggest festival, with events running nearly 24/7 from June 9-12. For smoother rides, stick to the designated pickup and drop-off zones. They’re strategically placed along accessible roads, and will help you avoid road closures

As a reminder, please avoid picking up and dropping off passengers in the flow of traffic. Sticking to the designated zones is the best way to avoid a pricey ticket. 

Earn Guaranteed Prime Time

Nashville drivers averaged $30/hour last year — and by driving during Guaranteed Prime Time, you’ll have a good chance at topping that.

June 8
25% Prime Time from 4-6 PM and 9-11 PM

June 9
50% Prime Time from 4-6 PM
75% Prime Time from 11 PM-2 AM

June 10
50% Prime Time from 4-6 PM
100% Prime Time from 11 PM-2 AM

June 11
25% Prime Time from 12-2 PM
50% Prime Time from 6-8 PM
100% Prime Time from 10 PM-2 AM

June 12
50% Prime Time from 6-8 PM and 10 PM-2 AM

Turn Up the Tunes
Our friends at Big Machine Label Group put together a Spotify playlist of the top artists performing at CMA Fest, including Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Cassadee Pope, and more. Delight your passengers by playing songs from the very artists they just watched live. 

Keep it Fun, Keep it Safe
Remember to use our 24/7 Critical Response Line for emergencies. Save 855-865-9553 in your phone now, and read up on our damage policy, just in case.