Guest Post: Shuttle Team Answers Your Top Questions

With Shuttle now in two cities nationwide, we know you have some questions about what it is and how it works. Our Shuttle team from HQ is here with answers to your top questions.

Driving during rush hour can be hectic, especially on shared rides like Lyft Line, with multiple pickups involved. That’s why we created Shuttle. Shuttle is a type of ride built to bring you more commute rides. It requires passengers to walk to and from designated locations along specific routes, so there are no surprise stops or backwards detours.

We think there’s a lot for drivers to love with Lyft Shuttle:

  • Driver-Vetted Stops: We worked with local Lyft drivers to vet every pickup and dropoff location for legality. You won’t need to worry about waiting at a red curb or bus stop.

  • Direct Route: Since we’ve designated pickup and dropoff locations, you never go backwards. This means fewer inefficient detours for you and your passengers! Pro tip: you can always use the most efficient route your navigation suggests. No need to follow the exact route line displayed on, which just shows all possible designated stops.

  • Fewer Stops: You can pickup and drop off multiple passengers at the same place since there are designated locations. This means fewer stops! Just check that you have all your passengers before leaving the location.

  • Faster: Since the pickup locations and routes are more efficient, the time spent in-ride is likely to be shorter than Line. That means less time spent on detouring, coordinating with passengers on where they are, and finding safe areas to stop.

  • Higher Ratings: On average, passengers give drivers higher ratings for Shuttle rides than Line rides.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when driving for Lyft Shuttle:

  1. All drivers in San Francisco and Chicago are eligible for Shuttle rides, which is available to riders from Monday through Friday, 6:30-10:30 AM & 4-8 PM.

  2. You get paid the same rate as original Lyft, regardless of what the passenger pays. Like Line, each successful completed ride counts toward your PDB.

  3. Passengers are shown a departure time based on when they are supposed to be at the stop, so your countdown timer is dynamic and is based on when you arrive at the pickup location. If there’s still time left on the countdown when you arrive, the passenger might still be walking. When this happens, it’s best to find an appropriate place to wait and put your flashers on. We understand waiting can be frustrating when there’s another passenger in your car, so we appreciate your patience as we try to improve the experience.

  4. It’s best to pay attention to the pin and drive to the correct side of the street. The side of the street matters because future stops will also be on that side; this way, you won’t have to go around the block.

You can get more information and explore all our Shuttle routes at

Thanks for being such an important part of our Lyft community, and helping make commuting painless. Cheers!