Rewarding 3 Exceptional Lyft Ladies

For Women’s History Month, we created the #LyftLadies contest to celebrate contributions from exceptional women in the Lyft community. We received hundreds of nominations — each of them representing the diversity of our driver community — and we’re excited for you to meet the winners.

Faren, our $250 winner

Faren is a part-time Lyft driver and full-time leader in her community's farm to table movement. 

Faren is a part-time Lyft driver and full-time leader in her community's farm to table movement. 

A vegetable farmer from Oregon, Faren drives with Lyft to earn extra cash when she’s not running her business. As a leader in the farm-to-table movement, Faren can be found at her local farmers’ market selling nutritious goodies from her one-woman operation. Here is what Faren has to say about her passion for agriculture, nutrition and Lyft:

“I love providing local, healthy, naturally grown foods for my community. I also have wonderful conversations about gardening, cooking, preserving, and food justice issues with the smiling folks who visit my booth. Driving with Lyft in my off season months, and in my spare time during the growing season, has helped me to continue this farming endeavor that means so much to me!”



Sonja, our $500 winner

Sonja is an entrepreneur and student at the University of Texas, Austin, where she studies Arabic and French. Sonja has given over 2,500 rides over the past three years. She has completed culinary school, and owned a bakery, and raised more than $100K for charitable causes like Amnesty International. Her dream is to be a translator for the UN so she can join the fight for human rights around the world —especially rights for women.

When asked to describe Sonja’s impact on others in her community, her friend told us:

“Sonja is such an inspiration. She works so hard to reach her goals and never stops learning. She takes dance classes, she horseback rides every week, and she pays for it all by driving with Lyft. She also models from time to time and she's still painting.”
5.0 star Lyft driver Sonja during one of her horseback riding adventures.

5.0 star Lyft driver Sonja during one of her horseback riding adventures.

Paula, our $1,000 winner

Paula and her two amazing children.

Paula and her two amazing children.

Paula is a single mom of two children: her college-bound, 17-year-old son and her 13-year-old daughter. Paula drives with Lyft in Baltimore to supplement the income from her full-time job so she can save for her son’s college tuition.

Paula’s daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder that left her with multiple disabilities. Inspired by her daughter’s strength to survive, Paula has fought for her daughter’s right to education and equal treatment —advocating for not only her daughter but other kids with disabilities as well. Through her work as an advocate, Paula has collaborated with her local school district, State legislators, and the Department of Education to demand solutions for children with disabilities.

When she decided to start driving for Lyft last year, Paula was nervous but she soon discovered that Lyft was a flexible economic opportunity that gave her the chance to drive towards her goals of subsidizing her son’s college tuition.

Paula says:

“From the first night I began driving, I was pleasantly surprised by the riders I have been connected with. Everyone was pleasant and made me know I made the right decision to drive with Lyft. Many times, after conversing with my riders, I realized that just sharing my life experiences was a form of encouragement and appeared to uplift them. It made me feel good to know I had the power to make someone’s day by, sometimes, just being a listener. I also decided to add snacks, gum, water, and a warm blanket to the backseat to brighten a rider’s day and make them feel special. Initially, I started driving to earn extra money for my son’s college education and my driving experience has evolved into a wonderful experience.”

Thanks to everyone who shared their #LyftLadies story or nominated a woman from Lyft’s amazing driver community. Even if you weren't selected this time, keep an eye out for our next contest — to be announced in April.