Driver Advisory Council 2018 Summit Recap

Lyft's COO Jon McNeill chatting with the DAC

Last week in San Francisco, your Driver Advisory Council met with more than 70 Lyft employees — from our President, John Zimmer and COO, Jon McNeill to the Product Managers, designers, and engineers who set the strategy and write the code for the Lyft Driver app. The goal of the DAC Summit was to amplify driver voices and ensure your interests are heard at HQ. Thank you to everyone who shared questions for Lyft’s CEO. We received thousands — stay tuned for a note from Lyft leadership soon about the most commonly asked questions.

DAC meeting with Lyft Co-founder / President John Zimmer

Driver Advisory Council with Lyft Co-Founders Logan (CEO) and John (President)

To recap, the following are some of the meetings the DAC participated in during the Summit:

  • Ran Makavy, Executive Vice President of Rideshare Technology and Tali Rapaport, VP of Product to discuss improvements to the Lyft Driver app. The DAC brought your point of view directly to HQ on topics like: long pickups, insurance, carseats, cancellations, and what to do when passengers request rides for unaccompanied minors

  • Ashwin Raj, VP of Payments to discuss fuel prices and other rising costs drivers face on the road

  • Mary Winfield, VP of Customer Support to discuss deactivations, the customer support experience, and safety on the platform

  • Laura Copeland, Head of Driver Communications to discuss improvements to the way Lyft informs drivers about news and changes to products and programs

The DAC on stage presenting at Lyft's all-hands company meeting

The DAC on stage presenting at Lyft's all-hands company meeting

Summit Highlights: Self-Driving Vehicles + In-App Cancellation Reasons


The highlight of the DAC’s visit to Lyft’s San Francisco headquarters was a candid, 90-minute discussion about the challenges and opportunities that will come with self-driving vehicles. The DAC received a comprehensive overview of Lyft’s vision and goals for self-driving, including saving lives and reducing congestion and emissions. The DAC shared their honest perspectives and concerns about self-driving vehicles, specifically asking questions about expected deployment timelines, what self-driving means for Lyft drivers, and opportunities for earnings on the platform as self-driving grows.

One exciting update from the DAC Summit focuses on driver and passenger safety. Check out the screenshots of new in-app cancellation reasons that give drivers a clearer way to report issues like unaccompanied minors, no carseats, and open containers — while protecting your acceptance rating. These updates are still being tested and the DAC is giving their feedback to ensure we’re taking driver concerns into consideration in the design and rollout of the feature.


Check out some photos from the DAC's breakfast meeting with executives and their presentation at the all-hands company meeting. Stay tuned for more news from the Driver Advisory Council, including details on how you can join the DAC (applications open in August).

DAC member, Dianne chats with Lyft executives who lead the Product, Design, and Engineering teams