All the Ways We’re Making Lyft Work Better for You This Spring

We believe it’s our responsibility to make Lyft work for anyone striving to provide for themselves and their families. Today, we’re announcing a new suite of features and app improvements designed to help make driving work better for you — all of them launching this spring.

These updates build on the work we began last fall when we introduced new tipping options and added rating protection so circumstances outside your control don’t impact your rating. It’s a part of our commitment to deliver flexibility and financial security to our driver community.

All of these updates are designed to help you find high-earning opportunities, give rides easily, and get clearer feedback and support. This is just a sneak peek of what we’re releasing, so stay tuned for additional announcements in the coming weeks.

We’re making it easier to find all the week’s high-earning opportunities

Reliable earnings should be a sure thing. Planning tools, bonus details, and demand forecasts are now easily discoverable in your Earnings tab. Launching next week, we’ll show you the best times to drive in your city as well as tell you where and when demand will be highest.

DXP - Earnings GIF.gif

“It absolutely helped increase my earnings from being able to pinpoint those high [demand] areas or see where the demand will be or at what time the demand will be higher. so now I’m not chasing rides, as we call it, I’m literally just there at the right time when the demand is happening.”

  • Crystal has been driving with Lyft for four years and recognizes the value of knowing when and where to drive

Hero - Crystal - 2x.png

We’re replacing pesky extra taps with simple, error-proof swipes

Say goodbye to accidental drop-offs. Just swipe once to Pickup and once to Drop-off. The app will prompt you when it’s time to swipe, so you can focus on giving rides.

DXP - Ease GIF.gif

“The app actually does an amazing job to make it easy for us to perform the proper way to pickup in the shortest time possible — and to drop off the riders at the right time.”

  • Majed remembers the exact day he signed up to drive with Lyft in 2016. He prides himself on providing an excellent experience — from his luxury car to his seamless pickups

Ease Hero - Majed.png

We’re making it easier to find kudos and helpful feedback — as well as tips for improvement

We’re putting your ratings, kudos, and comments from passengers in a single, easy-to-find spot: your app. You’ll see what your passengers love most about your rides, as well as any areas to improve. If we notice a pattern in your feedback, we’ll suggest tips on how to improve.

DXP - Protection GIF.gif

“I read the comments. Everybody reads the comments .... It's not a monetary thing — it's the simple fact that people appreciate the small things you do for them.”

  • Damarya drives in Oakland and wants all his feedback in the app in one place — rather than a weekly email

Protection Hero - Demarya.png