Lyft Relaunches Wheels for All Grants: Now with 40 cities and up to $500,000 in free or discounted rides

Lyft is committed to supporting nonprofit organizations doing incredible work around the nation to make our communities stronger, healthier, and more equitable.

That’s why we’re expanding Lyft’s Wheels for All Grants program (formerly known as Lyft Community Grants) to 40 cities, including Detroit, Honolulu, Philadelphia and Phoenix. And we’re committing $500,000 per year to grassroots nonprofit organizations to help bridge transportation gaps for individuals and families in their communities.

Going forward, nonprofits will be awarded $1,000 Wheels for All Grants on a quarterly basis, with recipients determined by a local committee made up of Lyft employees and representatives from our Driver Advisory Councils. This partnership of employees and drivers ensures we’re giving back to the community the best way we can -- keeping in mind that the transportation issues affecting these communities are as unique and diverse as the people that make them up.

If you work for a nonprofit or volunteer for one, fill out this short application (or share the link with the organization) and let us know how $1,000 in ride credits could benefit their work.