The Ride Walkthrough: A Handy Tool for 5-Star Rides

No one knows the Lyft app better than you. Sometimes, though, even veterans need a reminder of the fundamentals. To help you prepare for New Year's Eve rides, we’d like to point you toward the Ride Walkthrough.

Found under ‘Settings,’ the Ride Walkthrough covers the basics of using the Lyft app. It’s the perfect tool for both new Lyft drivers as well as those who might need a refresher (post-vacation, pre-Prime Time). Things like flipping into driver mode, accepting ride requests, and using navigation are all covered. The best part is, you can come back to the Ride Walkthrough at any time, whenever you need it.

The Ride Walkthrough is especially helpful as a visual during Mentor Sessions. We know there’s a lot to cover with applicants, including what it takes to be a 5-star driver, how to delight your passengers, and, of course, using the Lyft app. This tool streamlines the process, and acts as a valuable resource — especially when a Mentor isn’t around.

Here’s to ensuring that you feel road-ready now, and in the future.