More Flexibility at the Airport

Every ride gets you closer to your earning goals, and time spent waiting for rides is frustrating. Based on your feedback, we’re making a commitment to improve your airport experience — starting with a few updates to your queue.

Exit the airport queue any time.

There’s now a simpler way to exit the airport queue: Just tap ‘X,’ and you’ll be available to start receiving non-airport requests as soon as you leave the airport — no more five-minute countdown. And don’t worry about leaving the queue on accident — we’ll double check to make sure you’re ready to go.


Cancellation? Get a new ride faster.

To make sure you waste as little time as possible, we’ll start sending you available airport requests right away. As you drive back to the staging lot, we’ll start looking for a new ride. If you don’t notice this update right away, sit tight — it’s coming to all drivers soon!

When it’s easier to get rides, it’s easier to drive toward what matters to you. Keep an eye out for more updates to your airport experience over the coming months. Thanks for sharing your feedback, and we’ll see you at the airport soon!