Your April Driver Advisory Council Update

Lyft's Chicago GM David Katcher with Jose, the Driver Advisory Council member for the Midwest

Lyft's Chicago GM David Katcher with Jose, the Driver Advisory Council member for the Midwest

Last month, we shared our first DAC Monthly Update to keep you in the know about how the Driver Advisory Council is advocating for the driver community. Thanks to your feedback, the DAC helped bring your detailed rating from your email inbox into the driver app. Next on the DAC’s agenda: more flexibility at the airport, improvements to scheduled rides, and connecting new and experienced drivers.

Keep reading to see the top three pieces of feedback we heard from drivers in April — and what we’re doing about them.

You told the DAC: you want to know your detailed driver rating

  • "Drivers no longer receive the Daily Summary email. I was informed this was a decision made by the DAC. We rely on our daily summary for continued improvements, support, and motivation. No explanation or notice as to why the discontinuance occurred. Is this a permanent change or temporary with future improvements to the process? Thank you." - Patricia from Sacramento, California
  • "Since Lyft is phasing out the daily summaries, I would still like to see my actual rating, all three digits, and not just on Fridays when the Weekly Feedback Summary comes out." - Michael from Detroit, Michigan

What we’re doing about it: making your detailed rating available in the app

  • The DAC recommended that Lyft update the driver dashboard to include the detailed rating with two decimal points. The Product and Engineering team made it happen: as of a few weeks ago, drivers everywhere were able to access their detailed ratings in real time.
  • The DAC has shared driver feedback about the daily summary email. Although the email has been phased out, there may be an opportunity to re-introduce daily summary emails with the information the Lyft driver community cares most about. Stay tuned for more details this summer.

You told the DAC: we need to do a better job with the timing and promotion of the driver community meetups

  • “The meetup with DAC last week was at 6 PM. Right in middle of peak hour qualifying for Power Driver Bonus. Why not schedule during midday, when demand generally lower.” - David from Los Angeles, California
  • “How would a driver know that there was a ‘pizza get together’ in the Pittsburgh area?  Was not aware of the event.” - William from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What we’re doing about it: making it easier to find out about meetups

  • Last month, the DAC hosted meetups in Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, and Los Angeles. In Chicago, drivers connected over authentic Colombian food, while in Pittsburgh, drivers enjoyed homemade cookies, free Lyft swag, and pizza. Meetups in Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington will take place within the next week. 
  • The community response to the DAC meetups was positive, but we recognize that we can improve so more drivers can participate.
  • Moving forward, we will share more details about the meetups on the driver blog in addition to the Driver Digest email so we can get the word out to everyone who wants to connect with other drivers.
  • As the DAC hosts more meetups, we will consider a range of timing options to accommodate drivers who have daytime jobs as well as drivers who may have conflicts with Lyft peak hours.
  • This summer, we will introduce a way for drivers who are not part of the DAC to host their own meetups with planning/promotion support from Lyft’s Community Team. If you have questions or would like to be involved, please complete this form.

You told the DAC: the scheduled rides feature isn’t driver-friendly

  • "Today, I had two scheduled rides: one for a $19 estimate and one for $31-42. Both of the rides were activated, I was on my way, and they were diverted and I was sent to different rides. One was $5.82 and the other got cancelled. Very upsetting. Is there anyway we can make those rides stay on the driver's schedule. And if they don’t accept the ride in time, then switch it to closest driver?" - Tanya from San Antonio, TX
  • “When I accept scheduled rides it sends me out there 20 minutes before it’s scheduled on top of the minutes it takes to get there so I’m sitting there for 20 minutes waiting for the passenger. Is there a way that we can get sent out there in an appropriate time that doesn’t have us sitting there wasting time when I could be getting rides?” - Bianca from San Jose, CA

What we’re doing about it: brainstorming a better experience

  • The DAC met with the scheduled rides team for one hour last week to share your feedback and talk about how the scheduled rides feature can be improved.
  • We hope to share more updates in next month’s DAC update.