Gear Up for Philly’s Largest Music Festival

Instead of heading to the beach for Labor Day weekend, Philadelphians will be flocking to Budweiser’s Made in America Festival at Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Its 70,000+ attendees will be enjoying Budweiser-sponsored Lyft rides to and from the festival, making this is one of your best earnings opportunities of the year. Here’s how to make the most of it.

Earn More, Guaranteed

To thank you for driving when you’re needed most, we’re offering up to 75% Guaranteed Prime Time (GPT) — plus high Average Hourly Guarantees for drivers who opt in via email and meet the requirements.

25% GPT
Friday 1 AM-3 AM
Saturday 11 AM-4 PM
Sunday 11 PM-4 PM, 1 AM-3 AM

75% GPT
Saturday 11 PM-3 AM
Sunday 10 PM-1 AM

Know Your Road Closures

To help accommodate the influx of attendees, the city will be enforcing road closures, with no exceptions. Make sure to study the map beforehand, and call your passenger if you need to coordinate a better pickup spot.

Use the Recommended Pickup and Drop-off Zones

The festival’s main entrance is near Logan Square, but we’ll be directing passengers to recommended spots a couple blocks away:

From the North
18th Street and Spring Garden
22nd Street and Fairmount

From the South
21st Street and JFK
23rd Street and Market

Pro tip: Stick to two-way roads to avoid getting caught in traffic, and call your passenger after accepting the request to confirm their location. If you’d like to wait for requests close to the venue, the city is also providing a staging lot at MLK and Montgomery.

Follow the Schedule

Attendees have already started making their way into town, and will turn to you for rides to local hotels and hot spots. You can expect their requests to continue from today through Monday, creating five full days of demand. 

For the festival itself, passengers will be following this schedule on Saturday and Sunday:

  • 11 AM-4 PM: Attendees rely on you to make their way to the festival.
  • 10 PM-1 AM: The festival grounds clear out, creating very high demand for rides from near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. 
  • 2-3 AM: Local bars close, creating high demand around Center City as attendees return home or  to their hotels.

Keep it Fun, Keep it Safe

Remember to use our 24/7 Critical Response Line for emergencies. Save 855-865-9553 in your phone now, and read up on our damage policy, just in case.