Know Your (New!) Cancellation Options

Cancellations aren’t fun for anyone. It’s a negative experience for the passenger, and it’s not a good use of your valuable time. So, we’re dedicated to reducing cancellations community-wide.

To help us understand why cancellations happen (and proactively prevent them in the future), we rolled out new cancellation screen options for drivers and passengers. These are your options:

  • Passenger isn’t here, also known as a no-show. The passenger isn’t responding, and might as well be wearing an invisibility cloak. The driver will be paid a cancellation fee. 
  • Can’t get to passenger. You and your passenger can’t physically reach one another due to crowds or road closures. We won’t charge the passenger a cancellation fee (or pay the driver one) because this is due to factors outside your control. 
  • Don’t charge passenger. Things happen. This is a catch-all option that cancels the ride without charging the passenger a fee, or paying the driver one.
  • No, don’t cancel. You’ll stay matched with the passenger for this ride. 

As always, these options will only appear after you’ve fulfilled the cancellation criteria: 

  1. Tap to arrive.
  2. Attempt to contact the passenger.
  3. Wait five minutes. Because you start getting paid one minute after tapping to arrive, we’re now giving passengers two extra minutes to find you. 

Thanks for your help in improving the Lyft experience for both drivers and passengers.