Explore the Driver Console to Win $300 on Amazon

Last week, we announced an app update designed just for drivers. Now you can see passenger demand, real-time earnings, incentives, and more, in one convenient place — the Driver Console.

It typically takes a little time to get to know the lay of the land when there’s an app update. So to encourage you to take advantage of it, we’re excited to introduce the Console Scavenger Hunt.     

3 Steps. 30 Winners. $300 Amazon Gift Cards.

Here’s how it works:

1. Enter The Console Scavenger Hunt

Look for a message in the app inviting you to enter the Console Scavenger Hunt. Simply accept the invite by tapping ‘Enter Now’.

2.  Find and Explore The Three Tabs in Your Driver Console

Check out the ‘Home’ tab. Spot high-demand areas so you can optimize your time on the road. You’ll know the best places to drive before getting in your car.
Take a Look at ‘Earnings’. See how much you’ve earned, and how close you are to a Power Driver Bonus. You can cash out with Express Pay here, too.
Go to ‘Referrals’. This is your go-to for referring both passengers and drivers, making it easy to earn some extra cash.

3. Complete Three Rides

Simply give three rides between now and 11:59 PM on Tuesday, June 28.

Once you’re done with all three steps, you’ll be eligible to win. We’re going to announce our 30 lucky Console Scavenger Hunt winners on Friday, July 8, so get started today!    


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