Lyft in the Headlines: Facebook Messenger, Your Stories, and More Support

February placed Lyft at the forefront of your passengers’ minds — and on their phones — just in time for a busy March.

New Friends From Facebook

In an effort to make it even easier for people to get your rides, anyone can now easily request Lyft from within Facebook Messenger. Wired, Tech Crunch, Ad Week, and more are spreading the word to grateful passengers.

New Opportunities to Earn

We touched down in the Big Easy, became the first ridesharing company to secure an official spot at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and found a home at Fresno Yosemite International

Speaking of growth, Lyft Line launched in both Miami and Atlanta, bringing with it happy passengers ready to share their ride with fellow Lyft-lovers. You may also hear about Zync Up, a new app that helps group of friends find a place to meet and get a ride, who just welcomed Lyft as its official ridesharing app of choice.

Safer, Greener, Easier

In Virginia, alcohol-related fatalities have decreased by 22% since 2014, in large part thanks to your rides. Speaking of big deals, we’re close to a history-making partnership that would add Lyft to a trip-planning feature on LA Metro's mobile app. On a similar note, Colorado's new Go Denver app finds commuters the fastest, cheapest, and greenest routes around the city, and includes Lyft as a traveling option.

Your Stories In the Spotlight

In B2C’s “Smart Content Marketing From The Next Big Brands,” Lyft's grassroots marketing campaigns to bring drivers more passengers were put in the spotlight: “From harrowing tales of drivers helping passengers deliver babies to heartwarming tales about Red Cross using Lyft vehicles to get to disaster areas, these stories give the company a heart and helps them touch consumers on a deeper level.” There was even a shout-out for the driver-generated #ThankYourLyftDriver campaign. Thanks to everyone who writes into and gives awesome rides.

Speaking of awesome rides, we’re so grateful for the drivers who participated in Random Acts of Kindness Day: You’re why Lyft passengers keep requesting rides day after day. Because you’re so popular, there’s more support on the way: We’re working on growing our Nashville office.

One Last Thing

Wondering about our San Francisco headquarters? Who Lyft's main investors are? Check out Inc’s 15 fun facts about Lyft.