Calling All Drivers: Let’s Roll to Outside Lands

Big news, Bay Area drivers: Lyft is the official rideshare sponsor for Outside Lands 2016. The music festival attracts tens of thousands of people each year, and thanks to our sponsorship, their eyes will be on your rides. 

Read our guide, then cue up a fresh playlist for this weekend. You'll hear some great tunes — and pocket extra-high earnings. 

Drive Each Day This Weekend

The festival runs from Friday, Aug. 5 through Sunday, Aug. 7. You’ll see the highest number of ride requests citywide starting at 10 AM, and after the shows let out from 8 PM-12 AM each night. 

Stick to the Designated Pick-Up Zones

The Lyft app will direct passengers 2 blocks away from Golden Gate Park's entrances. To provide a smoother pickup experience, pick up passengers at Outside Lands' official zones. You can expect most requests to direct you there.

North Side of the Park: Washington High School at Balboa and 30th Avenue

South Side of the Park: Lincoln Avenue between 30th and 31st Avenue

 Keep in mind that roads inside the park, Fulton between 25th and 36th Avenue, Great Highway, Lincoln, and Transverse are off-limits. 

Connect With Music

Hit play on this Spotify playlist, crafted especially for the occasion. You’ll delight passengers with songs by the very artists they just watched live. 

San Francisco in the summertime: It’s the perfect time to drive.