Passengers, Pranks, and $200 Million

Skimmer’s tip: The video is worth watching.

As you know, we have a mischievous side and aren't afraid to show it — especially when that means more eyes on your rides. Check out CNET’s coverage of Mono, the auto-hailing slip-on glove that debuted just in time for April Fool’s Day last week. It was even included in AdWeek's “Roundup of All the Best Brand Hoaxes.”

Priority: Drivers

When Marcus started driving with Lyft in Chicago back in 2014, he had no idea how much it would change his life. Three years later, he’s a full-time Community Associate, and Chicago is lucky to have him. “I really believe in the mission and the culture,” he explains. “I’ve built a lot of friendships. I’ve seen growth, and I’ve seen things happen, and I want to be a part of this.”

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Lyft’s VP of Customer Experience & Trust Mary Winfield explains the difference between generating revenue and building trust. See how Mary defines her role, some action items on her to-do list, and her take on hiring.

You Complete Us

We've said it before and we'll say it again: You are one of the biggest reasons passengers (and other drivers!) prefer Lyft over the competition. The numbers speak for themselves. “Survey respondents also told Lyft what they liked most about the app: Friendly drivers, its good treatment of passengers and drivers, and a feeling of safety and security when using the app.”

A Big, New Fan Base

You may have seen in last week’s Digest that we’ve already welcomed 37 million new passengers this year thanks to launches in 100 new cities. This brought a ton of awareness of your rides, from the Big Island to West Texas. We also announced our Round Up & Donate feature, and will have more details to share in the coming weeks.

$200 Million in Tips, and Counting

In case you missed it, Lyft drivers have earned over $200 million in tips since Lyft was founded, with $100 million in the last nine months. This is a huge testament to the service you provide grateful passengers across the nation every day. So thanks for being you.