Driver of the Month: Blake, an Express Drive renter using dream car Tesla Model X to delight passengers

Lyft's Oregon team is piloting a "Driver of the Month" program, and we're honored to shine a light on Express Drive renter, Blake! With 2,385 lifetime rides and a stellar rating, Blake was able to use Lyft's Express Drive rental program to get behind the wheel of his dream car, a Tesla Model X! Pictured here with Owen, an Oregon Lyft team member, Blake shows off a gas card and his awesome ride. 


What passengers think about Blake

"Best driver ever! Went the extra mile, literally. He should own Lyft, what a wonderful person! Stay up bruh!" - Alex
"Left my phone in Blake's car at the airport, and he managed to get it back to me before I had to leave for my flight. THANK YOU BLAKE YOU ARE THE BEST!!" - Lauren
"Great conversationalist and helped with getting my baggage in and out of the car. Thank you Blake!" - Ariana
"I love Blake" - Ryan

Stay tuned for more details about how you can get involved in the Driver of the Month program in Oregon, and beyond.