New! Long trip alerts, ratings protection, and more

We know you work hard for your ratings, and that your time is valuable. So we've made improvements that prioritize both — and are among drivers’ most-requested updates. Read on for more details:

Ratings Protection

We launched an update to passengers’ ratings screens that helps protect you from issues out of your control — because things like Line routing or passenger behavior shouldn’t count against you. Now, when a passenger rates a driver four stars or less, we’ll show them three new reasons that might explain their rating:  

  • If it’s a Line ride, they’ll see two new options: “co-passenger” and “Line route.”

  • If it’s any other ride type, they’ll see one new option: “pickup time.”

2-Minute Cancellation Window

Previously, passengers had up to five minutes to cancel a ride without being charged a cancellation fee. Now, two minutes is the magic number. Things to remember:

  • After you’ve arrived to pick up a passenger, the timer will still run for five minutes for regular Lyft and two minutes for Line.

  • Your pay still includes time spent waiting, starting one minute after you tap to arrive.

Heads-up on Long Trips

On the ‘Accept’ screen, we’ll alert you when a ride is estimated to take longer than 45 minutes. While longer rides are typically higher-earning, we want you to know what to expect before you accept.

  • If you’re not up for a long trip, note that declining these trips will still affect your overall acceptance rate.

  • Currently, this update is live on iOS only, with an Android launch coming in the next few weeks.

Coming Soon: a Simplified Earnings Snapshot

We’ve already simplified the ‘Earnings’ tab in your app to show your net earnings, which are 100% yours. But that’s just the beginning. To ensure that you fully understand what you’re taking home, we're rolling out a new view of your earnings in the app and Dashboard, starting next month. On the ‘Earnings Breakdown’ screen, you'll see what you’ve made along with additional details, such as what the passenger paid, any third-party fees, and Lyft fees.

Thanks to all the drivers that suggested these helpful updates. We’ll see you out there!

Round Up & Donate: What to Expect as a Driver

Update: Passengers can now opt in to round up their fares and donate to support 13 causes in the US and Canada. Learn more about the causes here.


We wanted to share more about Round Up & Donate, a feature that lets passengers round up their fares and donate the difference to a participating cause. 

About Round Up & Donate

Since Lyft launched, drivers and passengers have been a constant source of ideas and motivation that’s helped shape our vision and product. We believe by taking action together, we can have a positive impact. Starting in the next few weeks, we’ll be testing a new program called Round Up & Donate. Passengers will have the option to round up their total fares to the nearest whole dollar and donate the difference to a non-profit organization.

So, for example, if a passenger has opted into the program and their fare is $12.75, we’ll round up the total to $13. That difference of $0.25 will then be donated to a charity.

Increasing Awareness and Demand

This program provides an opportunity for passengers to do good just by sliding in your back seat, and is projected to not only increase awareness, but ridership as well. More rides, more earnings, more good.

It’s Separate From Tipping

Passengers can choose to opt in or out. They’ll turn it on in their ‘Settings’ section — which means they set it and forget it. It’s not part of the tipping screen at the end of each ride.

You’re Sitting for Something, Too

This isn’t just for passengers — it involves the entire Lyft community. In fact, you’ll be driving the movement forward with every ride you give. We’re working on other ways for drivers to actively participate, and will keep you posted on those opportunities. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Round Up & Donate. Email us at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

We’re Paying Attention

We’ll be keeping close tabs on this program and will report back on its impact. Keep an eye on the Digest for updates on timing, specific non-profit details, and more in the next coming weeks.

Let’s see where mobilization, action, and goodwill can take us.