It’s time to rally. BottleRock music festival is about to fill Napa Valley with megastars, local legends, and music fans alike. Read our guide, then cue up a fresh playlist for this weekend. You'll hear some great tunes — and pocket extra-high earnings.

Drive in Wine Country This Weekend

Napa has higher prices than most other nearby Lyft cities (including San Francisco), so it’s a great opportunity to earn more per ride. The festival runs from Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29. You’ll see the highest number of ride requests citywide starting at 11 AM, and after the shows let out from 8 PM-12 AM each night.

Earn Guaranteed Prime Time

You can bank on at least 50% Prime Time during BottleRock’s busiest hours. Just drive near the zone when passengers need you most.

Stick to the Designated Lot

To provide a smoother pickup experience, the Lyft app will direct passengers to a lot at 3rd Street and Coombs Street. You can expect most requests to direct you there.

Connect With Music

Hit play on this Spotify playlist, crafted especially for the occasion. You’ll delight passengers with songs by the very artists they just watched live.

It’s the perfect time to drive in Napa Valley. Thanks for driving during one of Wine Country’s busiest times