FAQs for Driver Advisory Council Program

Are DAC members paid by Lyft?

DAC members may receive a monthly stipend for their contributions to the DAC program and the amount(s) vary by market. They also receive many non-monetary incentives  (such as Lyft swag) and build meaningful relationships with Lyft employees.

What is the DAC?

The Driver Advisory Council (DAC) is a program that differentiates Lyft from our competitors. In 2016, Lyft was the first ride-share company to launch a Driver Advisory Council, a community program designed to bring grassroots driver feedback directly to Lyft and help inform our decision-making.

The DAC is not a replacement for customer support. DAC members have no access to private user data. DAC members have no control over individual driver account issues on topics like earnings, rate cards, bonuses, etc. Drivers should send individual account issues and personal support issues through the Help Center.

How did the DAC begin?

In 2016, our co-founder John Zimmer flew seven drivers to San Francisco to brainstorm how Lyft can bring the driver community together and strengthen communications with Lyft leadership. Ariana, a passionate Lyft driver from Detroit, Michigan pitched the idea for the Driver Advisory Council (DAC). Ariana thought a group of Lyft drivers, each representing drivers in different regions of the country, could help Lyft stay plugged into the needs of the broader driver community.

Drivers communicate concerns, problems, and ideas to DAC members, who then share the top issues and ideas to Lyft senior management. John loved the idea of a bridge between HQ and the driver community and having another channel to help inform HQ’s decision making. The DAC was born and Ariana became a founding member.

How do I join the DAC?

Any active Lyft driver in good standing can apply to join the DAC. We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis. Find the application at https://thehub.lyft.com/dac/

What are the eligibility requirements to apply to join the DAC?

  • Active drivers in good standing

  • Rating of 4.85 or above

  • Able to give at least 10 rides per week while serving in the council

  • No history of abusive interaction with Lyft Customer Support

  • No deactivations

How much time will I need to give if I join the DAC?

As much or as little time as you want. Your participation in the DAC is just like your experience as a Lyft driver. You set your own schedule and engage in the way that’s most optimal for you. Most DAC alumni report spending 5-8 hours on DAC program activities on a weekly basis.

What does the DAC actually do? Does DAC feedback lead to changes that are good for drivers?

Yes, we take DAC feedback very seriously. One recent example is the launch of the online driver Guidebook following feedback from DAC members that new drivers needed more support from Lyft.

Do I have to solely drive for Lyft to be a member of the DAC program?

No. We want to have a diverse group of drivers in the program, and we welcome drivers with a wide range of experiences. Whether you have one or multiple other gigs, your input will be valuable!

Can Express Drive renters apply to join the DAC?


Are there required meetings that I need to attend on a regular basis?

We expect DAC members to take their involvement in the program seriously. Last year, we received 8,000 applications  for the National DAC program, and we selected 10 drivers. That’s a less than 1% admission rate. So, technically speaking, you are more likely to be accepted to Harvard than to be chosen for the DAC program.

National DAC members are invited to virtual meetings with Lyft executives and employees on a weekly basis, and they are invited to travel to our corporate headquarters in San Francisco every year for the Annual DAC Summit for in-person meetings. Local DAC members are invited to meetings in their cities once per month.

Am I required to be an active driver while being part of the DAC, and if so, how many rides per week must I continue to do?

Yes. In order to advocate for improvements to the driver experience, it is important that we have active, engaged drivers in the program. We expect you to be able to give at least 10 rides per week while serving in the council.

Is there any training required for the position?


Will I have a mentor that I can turn to for questions?

DAC Alumni are unofficial mentors to incoming DAC members.  

Can DAC members become full-time Lyft employees?

Yes, the DAC Program has served as a professional development opportunity and path to Lyft employment. Two DAC alumni are now employed by Lyft and there will likely be future opportunities to apply for roles which match your experience/skillset.

How long are Local DAC appointments?

3-6 months

How long are National DAC appointments?

12 months

Can participation in the Local DAC Program lead to an appointment on the National DAC?


Can new employees of Lyft (Community Associates) become DAC members?


Are DAC alumni eligible to re-apply for participation in the program?

No. However, DAC alumni have the opportunity to be involved in the selection process to give new drivers in the community an opportunity to experience the program.

Can drivers in smaller cities apply for the DAC program in a larger regional city?

Yes, anyone can apply. But, during the selection process, we will prioritize drivers who live and drive in the city/communities they’re representing in the DAC program.  

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