Get a Request On Your Way Anywhere, Anytime


We know that life happens. Destination Mode gives you more control over your day, whether that’s running a last-minute errand, taking a sick kid to the doctor, or heading home. Switch on Destination Mode and we’ll match you with a passenger whose route is convenient to you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Tap the overflow menu
  • Set your destination and we'll give you an 'Arrive by' time
  • If you want to change your 'Arrive by' time, just tap 'Edit.'

New: Arrive by times

Choose the time you want to arrive by and feel confident that you’ll still get to your destination when you need to — whether that’s a busier area or your kids’ school.


Improved matching

You now have a higher chance of getting more rides on the way to your destination. That way, you can rely on Destination Mode every day.

Use it whenever you need it

Busy day with errands? Remember, you can turn on Destination Mode up to six times a day.


Update your app to start using Destination Mode today.