With Destination Mode, you can now filter rides by arrival time or by destination.

New: Filter by arrival time


Set an arrival time when you need to pick up your kids from school — or whenever you need to be somewhere at a specific time.

  • We’ll make sure you get there on time by matching you with rides that get you closer and alerting you when it’s time to head to your destination.

  • In the meantime, we’ll help you maximize your earnings by matching you with rides going in any direction — even ones that take you further from your destination.

Put your schedule first and unlock more rides

Setting an arrival time makes it easier to plan your day by giving you more control over your schedule. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what drivers who’ve used the arrive-by filter had to say:

"I am able to be on time for clients and pick up my grandkids on time."

— Jacqueline, Detroit

"I like the flexibility. Without it, I have to stop taking rides a really long time before I need to be somewhere."

— Faith, OKC

Filter by destination

destination (2).png

The destination filter lets you specify where you're headed and matches you with requests that get you closer to your destination — and keep the earnings coming, too

  • Filtering rides by destination makes sense when you’re ready to head home or want to find more rides in a busier location like downtown or the airport.

  • Tell us where you're heading and we'll match you with passengers going in the same general direction.

Use it when you need it

Busy day with errands? Make driving work for you and earn on every mile.