Detroit: Get Movin’ This Memorial Day!

Memorial Day weekend marks Detroit’s famous Movement Music Festival. From Friday through Tuesday, thousands of techno lovers will flock from all over straight to Hart Plaza to get their summer moves on. Destination: groovy beats and sweet earnings.

Lyft is the official rideshare partner of the Movement Music Festival, so drivers can cash in big on tons of demand.

When to Drive

This weekend will be one of our busiest yet. Expect demand to be high from Friday through Monday, with peaks from 3-6 PM and 12-4 AM. Plus, lots of people are flying in to enjoy the festivities, so airport ride demand is also expected to spike. Keep an eye on your app Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning through midday to catch the airport runs.

Here are a few tips for how you can make the most of the weekend:

Flash Your Emblem

Lyft drivers should have their Lyft emblem displayed on the inside of the windshield — it not only looks great on you but also helps your passengers identify your car.

Stage Your Breaks

Stop by Burger King on 1425 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48216 for a snack and a chance to chat with other Lyft drivers. Make sure to mention you’re a Lyft driver when you place your order — Burger King has offered 10% off to Lyft drivers all weekend. Be sure to take advantage of the 15 parking spots reserved for Lyft drivers in the lot behind the restaurant.

Stick to the Official Pickup and Drop-Off Zone

Use our official pickup and dropoff zone for smooth rides all weekend long. Because Lyft is the official rideshare sponsor for the festival, we’ll have a dedicated zone is right outside of COBO on the corner of Washington & Jefferson.

Call Your Passenger Ahead

Finding your passenger in a crowd can be challenging. For effortless pickups, let your passenger know when you’re near Hart Plaza. That way, they’ll know you’re on your way, and if they’re in a crowded area, you can coordinate the best spot to meet.

Drive safe and have fun this weekend, Detroit!