Detroit Drivers: Earn More on Tigers Opening Day


This Friday, April 7 is the Tigers Home Opener — and one of the biggest days of the year for drivers to earn.

We’ve partnered with Wallside Windows to sponsor 50% off rides for passengers, with no price difference for drivers, just more demand.

When to Drive

Passengers will head to tailgates and local bars as early as 10 AM, so expect a steady stream of ride requests all day long, with peaks around game time at 1 PM and 4 PM.

Know Your Road Closures

We’re expecting streets to be blocked off in the area around Comerica Park, so make sure not to park in the surrounding areas. Instead, try heading south of the stadium while waiting for ride requests. Expected road closures are highlighted in the map below.

Make Your Rides Easier

Pick up and drop off 1-2 blocks away from the park's entrances. Try areas such as the Detroit Opera House on Witherell & Madison (coming from Washington or Broadway), or the intersection of Park & Elizabeth Street. Avoiding Woodward will save you from time stuck in traffic.

Call Ahead

On your way to pick up at Comerica? Let your passenger know! That way, even if you run into traffic, they’ll know you’re on your way — and if they’re in a crowded spot, you can also coordinate the best place to meet.

Thanks for making this day a safe and reliable one for Detroit fans!